Artist and Illustrator Reuben McHugh


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 Drawing and painting have always been in my life. As a child I thought a drawing desk was a piece of bedroom furniture, thanks to my Dad who had one in his bedroom for all my childhood. 

My formative years were filled with creativity and I picked up a passion for illustration from the influences around me; my parents who both went to Art school, my favourite Dr Seuss and Richard Scarry books, as well as all the other art books and inspiration laying around the house. It was no wonder I wanted to go to Art College!

I went to Bradford College of Art and then I went onto an Illustration HND at Lincoln. After leaving Lincoln College of Art and Design in 1989, it took me a couple of years to settle into a job in the greetings card industry. It was there that my passion for illustration grew, along with my interest in greeting card design.

Over the years my distinctive style has developed, thanks in part to the forward thinking publishers who have encouraged my individuality and have never been afraid to try something new.